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Meet us at Saddle River park!

Map / Directions

Sheridan Field Area, Saddle River Park, Fair Lawn, NJ

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Now you have a chance to take dance lessons in person. And our dance classes in the park is a safe alternative to the regular in-studio sessions.

6:45PM – Latin Mix
(Footwork & body moves)
7:45PM – Salsa for Couples

6:45PM – Latin Mix
(Footwork & body moves)
7:45PM – Bachata for Couples

In our Latin Mix class we will concentrate on verious shine steps and solo dancing, stressing on the technique, body movements and styling. This class is suitable for anyone age 13 and over. Students in this class do not require a partner.

At our Salsa and Bachata for Couples classes we will work on the following and leading, learn moves that can only be executed with a partner, and create fun routines. Although we will not rotate students as we normally would do.
The number of students in each session is also limited. Therefore, in-advance registration is required to attend the class. Please note: these are “use it or lose it” classes.

Social Distancing Friendly!

No partner rotation
Space between students not less than 6-8ft
Masks must be worn before and after the class
Do not attend if you have cough, fever, or shortness of breath

COVID-19 precautions
To protect students and comply with social distancing and safety guidelines we won’t rotate students as we normally do. If you attend Couples class and chose to pair up with another student who is not your domestic partner, masks must be worn at all times by both students.
Please arrive in the mask. Once you are situated in your designated spot and distanced from other students you will be able to take the mask off.
Students will be distanced by 6-8ft from one another.
The number of students in the class will also be limited. Therefore, in-advance registration is required.

Our In-studio Group Classes

We believe that social dances are best learned in the group setting. As we grow we are constantly adding new classes and modify those we already offer. Our group classes are progressive. So we expect all students to attend regularly in order to improve and see results quickly. We developed our own curriculum and class structure that allows students reach their goals.

Beginner 1 // Beginner 2 // Intermediate
Beginner // Intermediate

How many lessons do we need?

Our packages are built with our students’ needs in mind. During your complimentary consultation we will work with you to identify which package suits you the best.

What’s included?

Customized lessons based on your skills, availability and goals

Help with selecting music that suits you

Unique choreography catered to you

A progress video of your lessons with the the recording of the final dance

At home practice tasks to improve your performance and confidence

"Last Minute" package

Your Big Day is around the corner? We will work with your tight deadline to help during this hectic time. This package includes 4 lessons with choreography that is feasible to learn in short time. Price: $520

"Quick Learners" Package

If you believe you are quick learners, if you have one song to dance to and you won't forget to practice between the lessons, our 8-lesson package with choreography is your perfect solution! Price:$795

"The Perfect 12" Package

You want to be confident. You want to shine and create unforgettable memories. If you want to polish every move and leave no space for imperfection get this 12-lesson package with your special choreography. Price:$1060