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Your First Dance as Mr. & Mrs. is one of those life opportunities that leaves an indelible memory.
Our customized classes for the First Dance, parent dances and group dances will help you making your day special, beautiful and unforgettable.
Whether you want a simple dance, or the one that leave people in awe, we have a solution for you as our classes are tailored to fit your needs and goals. If you didn’t dance before or are timid to dance or even if you do have dancing experience and need to polish your steps, we will take care of you. We will accommodate your schedule and the time-frame you have to create YOUR dance to the best of your abilities.
Our goal is to make you look amazing, to shine and feel confident.

How many lessons do we need?

Our packages are built with our students’ needs in mind. During your complimentary consultation we will work with you to identify which package suits you the best.

What’s included?

Customized lessons based on your skills, availability and goals

Help with selecting music that suits you

Unique choreography catered to you

A progress video of your lessons with the the recording of the final dance

At home practice tasks to improve your performance and confidence

"Last Minute" package

Your Big Day is around the corner? We will work with your tight deadline to help during this hectic time. This package includes 4 lessons with choreography that is feasible to learn in short time. Price: $529

"Quick Learners" Package

If you believe you are quick learners, if you have one song to dance to and you won't forget to practice between the lessons, our 8-lesson package with choreography is your perfect solution! Price:$799

"The Perfect 12" Package

You want to be confident. You want to shine and create unforgettable memories. If you want to polish every move and leave no space for imperfection get this 12-lesson package with your special choreography. Price:$1099

Our Wedding Dance Services

When getting ready for your First Dance, don’t forget about the beautiful tradition of Father-Daughter and Mother-Son Dances. And Offer your friends to create a special fun choreography to make your night even more special.

First Wedding Dance

On your wedding day you will be the spotlight. Do more than just sway. Your dance will set the tone for the rest of the reception, so do it right. Tell a story. Our classes are customized for you and will help you shine and increase the bond you both already have.

Dances with Parents

The father of the bride isn't the only parent who gets to enjoy the spotlight with a dance during the wedding reception. The traditional mother-son dance is a great way for the groom to honor his mother on his wedding day. Give your parents a chance to spend some time with you. These two dances are the most emotional moments at every wedding.

Group/Guest Dances

Get the fun to the next level. Involve your party friends and have an outstanding an entertaining performance. Surprise your guests with a creative, unique, and fun choreography that will make your party shine and have people talking for long after the wedding.

Join our FREE Beginner Bachata class to learn this fast, easy, and fun dance. It is definitely one of the most romantic ones.
In our Beginners’ classes we will concentrate on basic steps, turns, hip movements, as well as following and leading.
Bachata recently has gained a broad popularity. Originated in Dominican Republic in the sixties, Bachata music and dance has been evolving due to the influence of other rhythms, dances and instruments.

Although bringing your own partner is not a requirement, we encourage you to invite friends. Dancing together is always more fun. We will rotate students to give everyone the opportunity to learn how to dance with different people, socialize and make new friends.

FREE Bachata for Beginners class!

Thursday, March 28th

Join us to start learning this exciting and sensual dance!

7:00pm at 105 Cottage Place, Ridgewood, NJ