Recommendations for DanceNow online classes through Zoom

  • Sign up for a free Zoom account (not required, but recommended)
  • Download Zoom on your phone AND on other devices from where you might be connecting (computer, tablet)
  • Watch video tutorials
  • Test the application (make sure that you are able to listen and to be heard) on different devices (Phone, Computer, TV)

Class space

Choose an area where:
you have enough room to dance (sideways and back and forward)
You won’t be disturbed by others (passing by or talking to you)
You won’t interrupt others (with the loud sound or impeding them to pass through)
Make sure that you have a screen you can see from 5-6 foot distance (Large monitor or TV)
Make sure that the sound coming from the device is high enough so you can hear the music and the voice of the instructor (Speakers on laptop could help; the sound of the TV is usually enough)

Your total amount is : 10.00 (Currency: USD)